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Upload new recordings for evaluation and discussions. Acoustic instruments preferred, although digital is allowed. MIDI or other digitally rendered/manipulated recordings will not be admitted.

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Postby avguste » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:25 pm

Hey John
As of right now I have only listened to your first track and it does sound good.I like the fact that you get the melody clear all the time
I have mainly two problems that very much go hand in hand:
1.use of pedal: I don't have the score in front of me,but I am positively sure that there are pedals written.If you use the Urtext edition,I would like to hear the Chopin pedal.
2.clarity:it sounds to me that some,if not most of the time,you are not "articulating" the phrases,i.e what the composer wrote.

Those issues could be fixed in two steps(in my opinion):

1.practice slowly the pedal,measure by measure,note by note.At first watch your foot change pedal,then feel it.The way I would do it is take the first 1-2 measures and look at the harmony and at the marked pedal.Then I would experiment,play as written,play with less pedal,play with more pedal.Change articulation and such.Finally I would record myself and would listen to it with closed eyes so that you are not disturbed by the notes on the score
2.clarity wise,I would work on articulation.I would do different rhytmical exercises do get everything equal in sound and touch.Then I would figure the articulation with the pedal.

Keep up the good work.You will be fine
Avguste Antonov
Concert Pianist

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