Chopin Nocturnes op.48-1 and 55-2.

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Sandro Bisotti

Postby Sandro Bisotti » Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:12 pm

[quote="MindenBlues"][quote="Sandro Bisotti"]Also, your digital piano seems to be captured from a

> Regarding my piano, I feel very well .....

Yhank you, very interesting.

> I have a wonderful recording by Ivan Moravec,

I know it. Very good his nocturnes (and other things, IMHO his ballades expecially).
In the nocturnes (but particulary in 48-1) my favourite
are Samson Francois (that LH in the final part! and that tragic and so animated, pianism)
and Vitaly Margulis (that phrasing so noble and concentrated, from the beginning to the end!).

> What bothered me a bit was, that throughout the doppio movimento section most of the left hand notes are not audible.
It is however only my own opinion, how your approach sounds to me, maybe other have other opinions.

Thank you. Correct and interesting your and Chaotica's considerations
about this 48-1. The aspect you put in evidence is real. Each pianist (apart of some
wizards) make certain choices, based on his ideas and his technique.
Something remain out (in this case, the clarity of inner parts).
But I think you know this aspect, as Chaotica. And I repeat, thanks to both.

All best,

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