New piano teacher& pieces, 2 competitions and ARCT

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New piano teacher& pieces, 2 competitions and ARCT

Postby amelialw » Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:04 pm

there has been a huge change for me again...things were'nt working out with my private teacher. It seemed that we had very different goals in mind. I also put it across clearly to her that I wanted to compete and she just said that there were few competitions in singapore and probably alot more in canada. When I mentioned that my school had a couple coming up, she just kept quiet and did'nt say anymore. bothered me alot! fortunately for me, my canada teacher did come back end of nov, at the time when all this was happening. so when I had a chance, I talked to her about it. She was also rather upset about what was going on, in fact displeased because it seemed that my teacher was not willing to let me compete and most of all, that we had not finished learning a single piece within the 4 months under her and that was rather ridiculous. That teacher dumped me with an everlasting pile of new pieces as well.

so, she recommended me a couple of other teachers and we decided on one, who is one of my canada's teacher's good friend. My teacher talked to her friend about me even before I met her so it made things alot easier for me.

I have 2 competitions coming up: hehe. repertoire&dates listed below and i'm so excited!!!!! :D

Last of all, the thing i'm the happiest about. After 2 failed attempts, with my canada teacher's help, i finally passed my Music History 5, so now I can get my ARCT performer's cert. This has been a very long and tiring journey and I am glad that it has come to an end after years of hard work. phew.

Concerto Competition (between 2nd Feb- 27th Feb):

Mozart Piano Concerto in D “Coronation”

1st mvt-polishing
2nd mvt-polishing
3rd mvt-polishing& memorising
Solo Piano Competition (between Mid March to Early April):

1st round

J.S Bach Prelude and Fugue in E no.9 from bk 1

Chopin Etude in c sharp minor op.25 no.7

2nd round

Mozart Sonata in a minor K.310 1st mvt

Mendelssohn Andante& Rondo Cappriccioso

Pieces for my new piano teacher:

J.S Bach Prelude & Fugue in C sharp major from bk1 (she suggested a suite/partita but I would like to learn a few more P+F’s 1st)

Scarlitti Sonata- still selecting

Beethoven Sonata in c minor “Pathetique”

Chopin Nocturne in D flat major op.27 no.2

Rachmaninoff Prelude in D major op.23 no.4

Bartok 6 Romanian Dances (just for fun, will move on to something harder after this)

Prokofiev Sonata in C major no.5

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