Passed my piano Grade 8 - What now? New Syllabus ATCL?

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Passed my piano Grade 8 - What now? New Syllabus ATCL?

Postby Bubbles » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:05 pm

Passed my piano Grade 8 with a distinction- What now? New Syllabus ATCL ?
Hi, I passed my Piano Exam Grade 8 with a Distinction.Not a strong distinction, just 130 marks - I lost some marks because I was nervous but it was my very first distinction!
What are my options now? Can I take a DipABRSM or a Trinity Performance Certificate ( ATCL Recital or ATCL Performance) ?
How Big is the Gap of standard to achieve between Dip Abrsm and ATCL and Grade 8 ?
What is the difference between an ABRSM diploma and a Trinity Diploma?
And has anyone seen the new Syllabus for ATCL Recital and Performance ?
I am contemplating on a Recital Diploma, I don't want to take such a big gap and fail.
Is it true there are no scales and arpegios, No Sight Reading, Aural or Viva Voce.
How does one develop overall musical ability if there are you just play exam pieces and there are no scales, and Aural etc in a music exam ?
Would the Certificate mean just as much as a music exam in which you have to do scales , viva voce and extemporization?
I'm hoping to achieve greater overall musicality and more performance opportunities and overall musicianship ( ie listening, singing, chord recognition, appreciation, musical improvisation and MOst Importantly TECHNIQUE etc) instead of just sitting for a diploma to pass exams and gain a certificate.

And how do you choose your diploma pieces anyway? What did you play for your Repertoire?

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Postby techneut » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:12 pm

What was the question again ? :roll:
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Postby Bubbles » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:34 pm

How do you choose your pieces for your recital?

ATCL Performance Recital that is.

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Postby amelialw » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:01 am

congrats! :)
actually 130 is a good mark, there are many others who barely make it

as for your new pieces, i recomend that u browse through the syllubus yourself, see what catches your eye and discuss what you and your teacher's goals are
Carrying on to work on Schubert Impromptus op.9 nos.1,3&4 after competition. Going to learn no.2 to complete the set. Carrying on with Czerny op.299 from Bk 2 & working on a couple of Bach P+F's

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