Suggested recording equipment for Mac

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Suggested recording equipment for Mac

Postby mnodine » Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:09 pm

Now that I have had my first recordings appear on pianosociety, I'm starting
to think more seriously about my recording set-up. There were some complaints
about the tonal quality of my recordings, so I'm trying to determine how I
can improve. From the research I've done so far, it appears my biggest
mistake was in using a dynamic microphone rather than a condensing one.
I have been and will continue using Garageband on Mac. Since I'm not
sure how much more recording I will do, I'd like to keep the expenses
moderate at this point.

Do you agree that condensing mics produce better results? If I do get
a condensing mic, I'm thinking of something like the Shure SM81. Does
anyone have any experience with this mic?

Also, if I do convert to a condensing mic, I'll have to get a different mic/USB
interface. The one I used was this one: ... B00061ZM2Y

which does not support phantom power. I'm thinking of upgrading to this: ... B005CTJMF8

Any comments, observations, suggestions, proposals, theories, opinions,
arguments, theses, etc. are appreciated.


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Re: Suggested recording equipment for Mac

Postby techneut » Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:29 pm

IIRC there have been extensive discussions on this board about microphones and related stuff. Have you searched around a bit ?
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