Piano Videos?

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Piano Videos?

Postby echoyjeff222 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:42 pm

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any sites where teachers/organization will upload videos on the technique for playing pieces? Or, if there aren't videos, maybe just a site with documents where someone explains the technical parts of a piece?


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Re: Piano Videos?

Postby hreichgott » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:56 pm

Beware, if you do find any. There is a lot of bad advice on the internet.
Working with a teacher who you know to be skilled is a better choice.

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Re: Piano Videos?

Postby pianolady » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:23 pm

As Heather says, getting a good teacher is the best. I learned so much from my former teacher. But I'm not taking lessons now and so lately I've been watching Edna Golandsky's videos because I'm interested in the Taubman method. Her Youtube channel has a lot of videos and many are specific to certain pieces.

Here is the link:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXf45v ... lf_index=1
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Re: Piano Videos?

Postby echoyjeff222 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:50 pm

@ pianolady

I actually looked at one of the Taubman approach videos through the Golandsky Institute ... it was very ... odd. They kept talking about under and over shaping and it was a bit abstract for me. It was the first time I'd heard of those terms. Thanks for the channel link, though!

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Re: Piano Videos?

Postby pianoman342 » Sat May 17, 2014 2:20 am

There is a lady named Sally Christian who brings some interesting and practical tips to playing classical piano music (I would also add some useful custom practice scores). Her approach assumes a student's knowledge of music theory, but that shouldn't be a problem for someone who can read music. In her video, you get the feeling she really is incredibly knowledgable and truly enjoys the music of the composer. It is this type of passion displayed by a teacher that I think inspires an amatuer player to practice (in addition to just hearing a demo of the piece) :)

Here's a video of her giving a tutorial on Schumann's Intermezzo:

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