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Postby Anonymous » Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:55 pm

Though it is apparant that Chopin is more blatant in his expression, Haydn is full of feelings that are more subtle and dare I say sophisticated for their subtlety. Take for example the famous 45th symphony.....full of humor, the second movement is full of lyric communication, and the finale obviously has a point to communicate. My point is that even in the case of classical music (ie. Mozart, Haydn, early Beethoven, Clementi.....etc.) it is still important to make deviations between the expressive capabilities between passages. What makes the live performance exciting is the fact that it is a human performing rather than some logarithmic player piano. Take a second inquisative look at all of Brendel's Beethoven recordings, Angeli's Mozart, and even Schnabel's early Beethoven. There is much to be found there, maybe not programmatic and blatant exersion, but emotion none-the-less.
Is it obvious that I'm a romantic?? :)

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