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Postby techneut » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:22 am

I am not terribly satisfied with our current CMS. It is really crude and primitive. However we get by with it, despite some occasional irritation, and I don't really feel like changing it again. We used Typo3 originally, then wandered aimlessly for a while, until Robert decided on Exponent. I guess every CMS will have something to gripe about. Half of the problem, as Monica suggests, is that we usually get poor information from the submitters. I am going to lay down strict rules about naming and tagging, and reject everything that does not comply. That should enable me to automate some things.

To change to another CMS because that one can autogenerate podcasts seems madness to me. So I'd say, get on with the damn script :wink:

But thanks for the idea :!:
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