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New Profile Posts

  1. Jonathan87
    We are best essay writers
  2. BrianEaton
    A boy with passion for playing piano is ready to show the world his talent
  3. Ryan Kunkel
  4. 貴妹 宋
    貴妹 宋
  5. johngrant
    Currently working on WTC 2, which along with a new WTC 1, is at Youtube.
  6. Jjumba Stephen
    Jjumba Stephen
    My Current Music Build its an 8 song piece written and played by me
  7. Jjumba Stephen
  8. Rachfan
    't been fully processed. It's now on page two of Submissions. Anything you could do would be much appreciated. David
  9. Rachfan
    Hi Andreas, I uploaded the Kazhleyev, Prelude, No. 4 in July. It hasn
  10. Rachfan
    For Andreas,
  11. Rachfan
    For Andreas,
  12. Rachfan
    "Various". I did the upload to post the Kazhlayev No. 4 in E but believe that you do the links. If not, please let me know.
  13. Rachfan
    Hi Andreas, I have produced three recordings of Kazhlayev works. This means that they can reside together rather than in
  14. Rachfan
    Hi Andreas,
  15. Rachfan
    Hi Andreas,
  16. Chauvineau
    Following François' advice, I would like to post a picture and a biography
    1. pianolady
      People seem to be posting in the wrong place. These comments and the ones that David made are showing up in your profile. Or else I'm the one confused.... :) Anyway, you can post your bio and photo on the forum. From there, Andreas or Francois will create your artist page. Sorry, I don't have time to do it..... Or maybe Richard Jordan can do it...That would probably be best.
      Aug 8, 2016
  17. pepasch
    pepasch tpascale
    Hello Tom, i just listened to your Debussy arabesques. They are played very well. I enjoyed them!
  18. pepasch
    Hi there, happy to be amongst people who love piano music!
  19. Rachfan
    1. Rachfan
      I know that the only thing that stays the same is change. But how can an artist compose a meaningful and informative background profile restricted to only 140 characters? Perhaps some of the other artists would like to comment on this matter.
      Jan 21, 2016
    2. jordanr
      Wrong place to update. There is no restriction on your background profile.
      Jan 21, 2016
  20. De Pianist
    De Pianist
    Hi there everyone! hope to get in contact with other pianists/teachers from the netherlands or nearby.