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Alexandre Dias

Born in 1984, the young brasiliense Alexandre Ferreira de Souza Dias initiated his classical piano training at the age of 10. Since then he has been pursuing a multidisciplinary career: concertist, researcher and collaborator for radio programs, television and internet websites.

In his career as a pianist, he studied with Elza Kazuko Gushikem and Neusa França, besides attending master classes with Maria Teresa Madeira, Pierre Feraux, Piero Rattalino, among others, in courses and music festivals such as the International Summer Course of Brasília, taking part in several recitals, besides the 1st Grieg-Nepomuceno piano competition, of which he was one of the finalists.

One of his activities of greatest recognition in national and international ambit is the research on the work of Ernesto Nazareth, initiated in 1999, studying on his own the biography and discography of the composer, thus consolidating a private collection which gathers around 1.700 commercial recordings of the “King of (Brazilian) Tango”, 200 non-commercial recordings, and all the complete sheet music of Nazareth (more than 60 are unreleased on disc), videos, articles, books and academic publications.

His knowledge on the theme has called the attention of several vehicles for the production of musical and journalistic content about Ernesto Nazareth. Being so, Alexandre has participated over the past years in productions and articles for Rádio Câmara, Rádio MEC FM, TV Senado and Correio Braziliense, among others, speaking not only about the composer, but about choro and Brazilian music in general.

On the internet, Alexandre Dias maintains since 2001 the newsgroup O Malho, dedicated to the debate around choro and “Belle Époque” Brazilian music matters, which covers the transition between the 19th and 20th centuries, and maintains the website Ernesto Nazareth - Rei do Choro.

Rare music of Ernesto Nazareth (recordings, texts and pictures) can also be heard at Sovaco de Cobra:

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