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Tobias Sing

Tobias was born in 1977 in a beautiful wine-growing area in
Southwestern Germany named "Kaiserstuhl". At the age of 14, he quit
his piano studies for a promising career as a school-band keyboard
player. However, the potential of his band remained unnoticed by the
rest of the world and he was forced to continue an ordinary school

At some forgotten moment, his affection for the instrument has
re-emerged, continually intensifying since then. It is certainly
limited by time and talent but not by enthusiasm and love of music.
Tobias lives true to the motto "Never travel without a piano",
sometimes straining the nerves of his lovely girlfriend, with whom he
has carried a 35kg monster of a "portable" piano to various places in
the world.

Graduating from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in 2007,
Tobias now lives in Basel, Switzerland, where he works as a
statistical modeler for a large pharmaceutical company. Besides music,
he also enjoys literature, poetry, and "all things nature", such as
hiking, cycling, or sitting in the sun. After a long break, he has
finally found his way back to a piano teacher and also entertains
regular chamber music sessions. He is always happy to get to know
other piano geeks, and to play, listen, discuss, and enjoy together
the wonderful music written for our instrument.

Tobias's web site is

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