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Peter Schuttevaar

Peter Schuttevaar was born in 1964 in the
Netherlands. He studied piano with Johan Jansonius, Benno Pierweyer en Fred Oldenburg at the Conservatory of Twente, the Netherlands. Besides having a degree in piano teaching, Peter studied Philosophy and Physics and holds degrees in Electronics and Business Sciences.

After many years of neglecting piano playing in favour of business activities, his interest was once more ignited by his love for the music of J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart. Besides works of these composers, Peter’s repertoire shows music of for example Brahms, Chopin, Poulenc, Corelli, and Beethoven.

Peter lives in the Dutch countryside of Leersum, and currently runs an enterprise dedicated to delivering services on program management (

A special passion of Peter is to combine aspects of business science with art, philosophy and music. One of the initiatives that emerged from this passion is about the performance of music in special locations. For every location, there is a musical composition that excels in telling its story and underlining its qualities. This forms the basis for a series of piano music videos, recorded on special locations, like old town halls or modern libraries. These videos will be used for promotional purposes, and the audio tracks of these videos will be made available as mp3 recordings on Piano Society. For more information, or to contact Peter about this initiative, please visit the website mentioned above.


As an example, and as a way for the pianist to introduce himself, we present here a video of Peter performing a arrangement of Arcangelo Corelli’s Trio Sonata “La Folia”. This was recorded in Peter's home, a monumental tower in Leersum, the Netherlands.

Corelli - Trio Sonata "La Folia" (Windows Movie File, , 7:07, 26 MB)

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