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Pierre Fournet

Son of Lucy Anne Blanchard(b.1939- ) and Martin Joseph Fournet (b.1928-d.2003), Pierre Joseph Fournet was born June, 1979 and raised in the heart of Acadiana, a region most noted for its rich French-Canadian heritage and its delicious Cajun food. The youngest of two brothers and two sisters, Pierre had the benefit of learning through their experiences, both good and bad.

Pierre learned to read at the tender age of two. He loved to read about all things scientific, but never really cared for history. His father was a classical music fanatic; no matter what time of day one could be sure to hear the great classics booming forth. Pierre quickly took a strong liking to music.

At age seven, he learned to read music and play the trumpet. He began his pianistic journey at the age of 10; for the first two years, he taught himself the basics. At age 12, his aunt persuaded him to begin formal lessons; he would not regret the decision. For the next four years, he studied under the tutelage of Marlynn K. Martin. After graduating high school Valedictorian at the age of 16, he briefly studied with Madeline Trible. In the fall of 1996 he began studies at University of Louisiana at Lafayette under the guidance of pedagogue extraordinaire, Dr. Susanna Garcia. The events of 9/11/2001 spurned Pierre to greater effort. He vowed, "To create, through artistic expression, as much joy as was destroyed that awful day." Struck with an almost divine inspiration, he improved rapidly. He lives a very quiet, private life, verging on monastic. He lives with his brother (who is Pierre's best critic).

Pierre's musical philosophy can be summed up thusly, "Creation of beautiful sound and artistic expression is paramount. Sheer technique will never produce art, yet must not be overlooked. The ego must be suppressed. For if love is your motivation, you will bring joy to our world. For that pianist, there is a future.

Status change: 
Pierre was never to be the same after a back injury in 2008. Unfortunately, he no longer plays. He sold his piano in February of 2010. To him, it was but a bitter reminder of the now unattainable virtuosity he once possessed. He detests listening to his recordings and will do his best to put the past where it belongs. On February 12, 2009, during a practice session, he became overwhelmed with a sense of rage; he slammed down the piano cover and never touched it again.

He now contentedly works as a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

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