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The Bills
The Bills was written in September 1997 when the composer was studying composition with William Albright at the University of Michigan. As the name jokingly suggests, it is an hommage to two of Carter Pann's influencial teachers, William Bolcom and William Albright, who both write ragtime music and often use elements of the American vernacular, such as jazz, popular music, hymns and even American anthems.

The Bills consist of two separate, Sctott Joplin influenced, ragtimes. The first rag, "William Albright", is a slow concert rag which follows a very common form inherent in many of the rags from around the turn of the century. Its serious elegance points in the direction of Scott Joplin's concert waltz "Bethena"

The second rag, "William Bolcom", is a playful two-step. The piece is cast as a traditional piano rag, however certain foreign (contemporary) gestures start to seep into the music. Before long it becomes apparent that the form extends itself beyond the norm. The pianist must jump over several technical hurdles before crossing the finish line. This piece was inspired by certain works of William Bolcom which appear to take on a "devil may care" attitude as they race to the end.

The Bills
Antonov, A.

The composer has granted his permission (given by telephone to the performer, Avguste Antonov) for this recording to be published here.