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Julius Grocholski

Julius Grocholski was born on the 16th of June, 1986. He currently lives in the city of Franklin, Wisconsin, USA. He received a B.A degree in English Literature from Marquette University in the Spring of 2008.  Immediately upon graduation he enrolled in the Master's program at Marquette.  However, in the Fall Julius decided that English Literature at the Master's level was not for him, so he withdrew.  Currently, Julius is actively seeking employement and is eager to see how he can use his English degree in the work field.

He was introduced to the piano at the age of thirteen. Julius played for three years and then decided to quit. Only recently has Julius start to relearn playing the piano. He seldomly plays in public and never enjoys performing in front of an audience. Julius prefers to keep things simple since he has learned that it is better to play a simple piece well than a difficult piece raggedly.

Julius likes to fish and do other activites involving nature. He is passionate about photography and his photography homepage can be found here:

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