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Several contributors of Piano Society have not only recorded music but also put in a great effort biographies, study guides etc. Piano Society also hosts books regarding great composers and other musical resources.
Below is a list of links to these resources present on the Piano Society site.
Bach's notation of tempo 
Bach - Music Manuscript Notation (ornaments etc.) 
Beethoven: The man and the artist 
Book review: "Forbidden Childhood" by Ruth Slenczynska 
Book review: Piano Roles, 300 Years of Life with the Piano 
Chopin's Works - Complete list 
Kreisleriana op. 16 
Letters of Franz Liszt 
Letters of Mozart 
Life of Chopin by Liszt 
Mozart: The man and the artist 
Research - Chopin's Waltzes 
Scriabin - Extensive Biography 
Study Guide - Chopin's op.10 
Study Guide - Chopin's op.25