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All recordings present on the site are grouped by composer and genre. Composers with fewer than two or three recordings are found at the top of the Composers list under 'various composers'. All other composers are listed alphabetically and include biographies and some articles.  Piano Society strongly recommends reading the biographies and articles as they are uniquely written for this site with a lot of interesting information not available in ordinary biographies.

If you are a composer and wish to submit your works to Piano Society, you must provide an audio recording along with the score for the music. Historically, we have living composers on the site which have not provide a score and these submissions will be kept after this "rule" was introduced (2007-08-01). Works should be submitted in the Audition Room at the forum as usual.

Improvisations will be accepted only if we deem them to be of exceptional quality. This is entirely to the discretion of the Piano Society music board, without being subject to discussion.