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Tristan Hudson

Tristan Hudson, born in 1983, has been a piano afficionado since he was tall enough to reach the keys of his grandmother's piano. Teaching himself to read music at an early age, he dabbled around with different instruments during grade school, playing piano and trombone in middle school jazz band, while later touring the country during high school with an electronic music ensemble where he played keyboard and drums until graduating in 2001.

Although Tristan unfortunately didn't go into music for his college studies, he has still kept active with his playing, using his university's practice piano rooms between classes to keep his hands and arms in good playing shape while dinking around on his keyboard at home. He is extremely fond of the works of Liszt, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff, as well as several modern Japanese composers, including Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu and Ryuichi Sakamoto. He is also an amateur composer himself, writing small pieces when he has the time, and likes to impress his friends by putting his extraordinary improvisation skills to work, playing just about anything by ear.
Despite being completely self-taught, however, he has heavily considered undergoing training to further improve upon his technique and musicianship, and would like to start lessons after graduating from college in the spring of 2006. He would someday like to perform solo pieces, both of his own and of others, for smaller audiences.
Tristan is currently a university student in San Diego, California, studying Electrical Engineering and Japanese while working as a part-time engineer for an electronics company. He plans on heading to Japan after college to perform international relations work before returning to the US to start his career.

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