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Olof Höjer

Olof Höjer, born 1937, has long been praised for his intelligent interpretations, self-effacing musicality, and delicate touch. He was educated in Stockholm; mainly by the Schnabel pupil Gottfrid Boon. Since his debut he has performed in Sweden and Europe, and has made numerous entertaining radio and TV appearances.
Höjer specializes in French and Swedish piano music, making important contribution to these fields. Among his recordings are complete collections of piano works by Satie, Debussy, Chopin and Peterson-Berger as well as recordings of selected works by other, both past and contemporary, composers. In 1992, the Swedish government awarded Olof Höjer a 10 year artistic grant, allowing him to leave his post as a teacher at the Malmö College of Music and pursue a fulltime career as soloist.
Perhaps the most interesting recording by Höjer is the album of piano works by Caby. It was, within the same principles as an old piano roll, recorded as midi data and is the only recording available of Caby's piano works.
Contact information:
Olof Höjer
Vanåsgatan 23
S-216 20 Malmö
International: +46 40151762
Sweden: 040-151762

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