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Knut Erik Jensen

The Norwegian pianist Knut Erik Jensen was born in Hell the 6th of March 1981. (Believe it or not, but Hell is a small village about 20 minutes drive from Trondheim). His musical interest was obvious from the very beginning. Already from he could sit upright, he loved smashing his mothers electronic organ. He started studying music seriously at the age of 7. His first instrument was the accordion. He made rapid progress. During these first years he self taught in keyboard playing and was member of several local pop/rock bands.
At the age of 16 he moved to Heimdal outside Trondheim. His interest for classical music was born when he heard Griegs concerto in A minor for the first time. Driven by a rush of inspiration, he changed his main instrument to piano after one year. Just 2 years later, In 1999, he played the 1st movement of Griegs concerto with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra at 2 school concerts. The following year he was accepted at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim on classical piano.
Here he studied 4 years with Mona Spigseth Sagstad as his main teacher. During these years he played chamber music with the legendary Norwegian violin professor Bjarne Fiskum, he was soloist with the conservatory string orchestra and he became a popular pianist in the professional opera and vocal society in Trondheim. He also played several solo recitals and worked as a freelance musician, both as a classical pianist and with other projects. The studies at the conservatory ended in 2005 with a bachelor degree in the performing art of classical piano. At his final exam he played amogst others Chopin 4th ballad and Ravels "Gaspard de la Nuit."
From August 2005 Knut Erik works as a freelance pianist performing solo recitals, chamber music, playing with choirs and opera. He's also taking private lessons with the famous Norwegian pianist Håvard Gimse, and he'll audition for master and diploma degrees in various places in 2006.
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