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Nico Morin-Paul

Acclaimed French Native Canadian pianist Nico Morin-Paul was born in New Brunswick in 1989. He is currently studying music in Alberta, Canada with the wish of becoming a professional pianist.
Nico began piano lessons at the age of six, yet he protested against the latter for quite some time due to a large lack of interest. He wished to quit playing, but his mother insisted for him to keep at it. Several years later, as he was going through a very stressful period of his life, he managed to find the piano as a very rewarding and emotionally accepting instrument. Nico’s practice time increased exponentially and he now describes it as he cannot stop. He spends many hours each day practicing or, in his free time, discussing classical piano music on the internet or with friends.
He was named the Junior Star of the Fredericton Music Festival in 2003 and was nominated for the Senior Star position for two consecutive years in ’04 and ’05. All whereof a large amount of scholarships were also awarded to him. He has accomplished extensive theoretical, harmonic and historical studies including many courses provided by Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music. He has also taught several theory and history classes for the R.C.M. and has completed all of the Conservatory's grades up to and inclusively 9 and he is currently working towards his 10th grade. He will then become an A.R.C.T.
Nico also excells academically in his bilingual education. He has competed in numerous national mathematics competitions as well as maintaining a G.P.A. well over 4. He will soon be studying at the University of Alberta in the fields of Structural Engineering and Music. In his spare time, he enjoys a vast array of sports and activities and he also operates a web site dedicated to the music of the composer whom he reveres the most: Chopin. It can be found at

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