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Dean Peiskee

One day, in a tiny town in Texas during the spring of 1996, a boy twelve years of age was posed a question by his mother while riding in the car.
"Would you like to take piano lessons?"
Without any inkling of the massive change this would effect in his life, Galen Dean Peiskee, Jr. replied "Sure." During the next three years, he found that music, especially piano, was far more enticing to him than any other thing he had thought of doing with his life. Classical piano, in particular, became more and more intriguing the more he became familiar with it. With the idea of studying the classical style of pianism, he managed in his junior year of high school to become a student of the head of piano, Sandra Siler, at Kilgore College, a small 2-year university close to his home. After attending Kilgore College and acquiring an Associate's Degree in Music, he headed to Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, a school known for its stellar piano department, to study with Professor John Owings.
Though he is mainly a pianist, Dean is also a composer, and has written incidental music for the Texas Shakespeare Festival and the Kilgore College Dance Department. Organ is another area in which he has excelled; his sophomore year, he gave an organ recital at the First Presbyterian Church of Kilgore, Texas.

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