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Werner Richards

Music is a word that is very dear to me. It is the language I came to know before I could speak. Since I was born, I have been exposed to all sorts of music. I grew up in a family where music was our primary source of nourishment. It fed us through difficult times and then, some more difficult times. Put simply, music is my core sustenance.

After studying engineering for 2 years after school, my family heritage called me back to music and I went on to study a B. Mus degree where I was mentored by Dr. Bernarda Vorster and later, Mr. Dana Cilliers. They helped shape me into the musician I am today. After University I started a recording and teaching studio that brings everlasting joy to my life as well as my students and clients.

I believe in a holistic approach to music, meaning that I consider all elements of music to be equally important when learning and performing a piece. I always try to bring a fresh approach to any work I perform even though it might be unconventional – this is what makes the term amateur, or music lover so flexible and open.

I have a saying: I do what I do. It is not much, but it is something and therein a legacy is born. Music and sound (in any form) has always been my passion. It is my space of expression. It is where I feel home.


Albeniz - Espana 
Albeniz - Cantos de Espana 
Beethoven - German Dances