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Olaf Schmidt

Olaf was born in 1961, lives in Minden/Germany and works as a software engineer.

He grew up in Weimar and had piano lessons from age 5 to 19 from a teacher who also worked as a piano lecturer in the music university "Franz Liszt". At age 12, his teacher asked his parents to enter him in a special music school with the aim to become a professional musician. His father disagreed, Olaf should better study something "reasonable". However, his parents did support his musical hobby, and bought a used Steinway grand piano.

He accompanied the school choir and has given some minor public performances. At age 14 Olaf also started playing the guitar and singing, and joined the school band and later on a student band.

After a long gap of about 20 years Olaf started again with piano practising and playing, now mostly Bach and Chopin. The recordings are all done on the mentioned piano, now 70 years old and acoustically completely restored. The recording setup can be seen in the photograph on the right.


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Bach - Orgelbüchlein (Organ) 
Bach - Preludes and Fugues (Organ) 
Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier 
Brahms - Choral Preludes (organ) 
Buxtehude - Preludes (Organ) 
Chopin - Berceuse 
Chopin - Etudes 
Chopin - Mazurkas 
Chopin - Preludes 
Chopin - Waltzes