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Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo was born in Singapore, 1991, and currently lives in Singapore. As with many other children from middle-class families, he started taking classical piano lessons at the age of five, and improvising easy-listening music at nine (though this went unappreciated by his family). Somewhere during his mid-teens, however, he proceeded to grow bored of the piano and the music, deigning to scrape by every lesson without constant practice, improving his sight-reading but stalling his progress on the piano.

It was not until he joined the Piano Ensemble of his college that he developed a passion for classical music, having been exposed to and inspired by both the unique sounds of Scriabin and the intricate counterpoint of Bach. Not only did this lead him to take the piano more seriously, it also led him to pursue musical composition. He has played in annual school concerts, performing some of his compositions in the process.

When not studying engineering as a major in the National University of Singapore (NUS), Jonathan spends his free time composing, playing video games, and making up for lost practice.


Alwyn - April Morn 
Alwyn - Hunter's Moon 
Faure - Nocturnes 
Rebikov - In the Twilight Op. 23 
Rebikov - RÍves de bonheur 
Tucker - Hidden Motive