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Matthew Wyman
Matthew began taking piano lessons at 7 years old and continued through high school in Deer Park, TX, a suburb of Houston. He was fortunate to grow up in a musical family, including his parents Barbara and Marvin, and sisters Jennifer, Patty, and Cindy.

Matthew’s teacher in his formative years was Sandra Haygood, a well-respected local instructor who exposed him to a wide variety of repertoire, spanning genres but including a solid foundation in classical music. His early classical study included the Clementi Sonatinas, Bach Inventions and Sinfonias, and a healthy dose of Mozart.

Matthew discontinued private lessons when he headed off to the University of Texas at Austin. Despite the urging of some friends, family, and his piano teacher, Matthew decided not to pursue music in college and instead studied Computer Science, Mathematics, and Business. Today Matthew often jokes that he “chickened out”, but ultimately does not regret the decision. He feels he has continued to grow as a musician and enjoys playing the piano as a fulfilling hobby.

Since graduating college, Matthew’s enthusiasm for classical music blossomed, sparked in earnest upon undertaking a deeper exploration of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas. In particular, he has more recently developed a strong admiration for Beethoven’s “late” works.

After he and his wife moved to Atlanta in the late 1990s, Matthew received lessons under Dr. Anna Arshavsky spanning approx. 5 years. This return to private lessons after many years on his own proved to be very fulfilling although certainly much more rigorous and demanding than he had previously experienced. Dr. Arshavsky is considered one of Atlanta’s top instructors, and Matthew is grateful for the opportunity.

Today Matthew is a busy business owner, consultant and analyst. He greatly enjoys spending time with his family and friends. As time allows, he continues to broaden his piano repertoire and looks forward to contributing to the Piano Society archive.

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