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Bruce Siegel

One of Bruce's earliest musical memories is that when he was five or so, he loved to walk around the house singing Silent Night. His parents (the family's Jewish) would listen with pride and gently say, "You sing beautifully, Bruce. But do you think you could try a different song?"

At about the same time, he began taking piano lessons and loved it from the start. In his teens, he studied piano, theory, and composition at the Juilliard School of Music Pre-College Division.

At Baldwin-Wallace College, where he received his Bachelor of Music degree, Bruce participated in master classes with Beveridge Webster. He also wrote and performed music for stage productions at B-W, and was chosen to play in the Senior Honors Recital as both the finest pianist and composer of his graduating class.

After college, Bruce worked as an accompanist, played and sang original music in clubs, and served as music director for a rock musical. He also developed a passion for teaching, and to this day, enjoys bringing out the best in piano students of all ages and levels.

Bruce says, "When I teach, I do everything I can to encourage openness and honesty. I myself often felt fear and confusion as a young student, emotions I wasn't always able to share. So it feels great, these days, to create a learning environment that's relaxed, joyous, and where no topic is off limits.

I make a special point of teaching chords early on, and believe that notation is a hindrance in the very first stages of learning to play. I stress ear training and improvisation, and though I'm perhaps fondest of classical music, I love to play and teach many styles and genres.

At the heart of my approach is the use of arm weight and the larger muscles, rather than just fingers. (I think of it as dancing at the piano.)

For the past few years, a major focus of my life has been developing my website, Online Piano Lessons.

Away from the piano, you might find me enjoying high-resolution scans of fine art paintings, learning about near-death and other spiritual experiences, or following my beloved Dodgers (who totally blew it this year).

Finally, a word to site visitors about my recordings here at though my focus right now is on recording using a digital keyboard and sampled Steinway, I feel that this technology has compelling advantages and disadvantages. (I say more about that on my blog.) If you listen to my recordings and get the chance, do email me and let me know what you think."

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