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Ariel Lanyi

I was born in October 1997 in Jerusalem. I began piano lessons just before my fifth birthday. At age seven I played with an orchestra for the first time, and since then I have performed as soloist, with string ensemble, or with orchestra across Israel, including many concerts broadcast live on Israeli radio. In 2008 I played a recital in Paris at the Hotel des Invalides. I also played in recitals in the US, including in New York, Providence, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Miami. I appeared in several educational and documentary programs on Israeli and British television.

As a jazz musician, I have have performed extensively at jazz clubs and festivals in Israel and in Italy, including the Vicenza and Ravello festivals. The Kadima Collective label has issued two CDs with my music: 31 Bars (2006) and Origami (2007).

I am currently a student at the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music, where I study piano and violin. I play violin in the Conservatory's orchestra, and participate in several chamber ensembles, both as pianist and violinist (not at the same time).

What I like most is composing. I am now working on a sinfonietta in three parts for the Conservatory Orchestra, which I hope to be able to conduct.

I have played in master classes with Claude Frank, Murray Perahia, Richard Goode, Jeremy Menuhin, Arie Vardi, Sonia Rubinsky, Ivan Moravec, Andrej Jasinski, Bruce Brubaker, Jonathan Biss, and others.

I play a hundred year old Steinway A (rebuilt) and a violin made in Tyrol in the last year of Mozart's life.

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