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Cavazzoni - Intavolontura Libro Primo (1543)

Cavazzoni's first collection of organ pieces were published in Venice in 1543 when he is thought to have been about 17 years old. The collection consists of various ricercaes, canzonas, hymns, and magnificats. These are probably some the earliest examples of imitative contrapuntal writing.

Cavazzoni - Intavolatura cioe recercari, canzoni, himni, magnificati [...] libro primo (Venice, 1543)

Recorded june/august 2010
Ricercar No.14:31Breemer, C.
Ricercar No.25:16Breemer, C.
Ricercar No.35:39Breemer, C.
Ricercar No.44:31Breemer, C.
Canzon sopra "I le bel e le bon"2:13Breemer, C.
Canzon sopra "Falt d'Argens"2:40Breemer, C.