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Dejan Sinadinovic

Dejan Sinadinovic (born 20. VI 1967 in Belgrade, Serbia - Sign Gemini, Ascendant Scorpio). Serbian pianist, piano pedagogue, university professor. Sinadinovic is an artistic director of the Piano and Chamber Music International Festival in Belgrade, artistic director of the “New Moment Ensemble”, Vice-dean at the Faculty of music / University of Art in Belgrade, president of the Serbian branch of European Piano Teachers Association.

"Extrovert temperament. Natural and pure music eloquence."

Michel Debrocq, Le Soir


"Divergent, powerful pianist. Diabolic virtuosity."

Thierry Lassence, La Libere Belgique


"Powerful piano sound... On this occasion we have listened to a technically perfected and musically well conceived performance of this "symphonic poem" for piano (Liszt: B minor sonata). The breakneck passages were made to sound crystal clear, and dynamic nuancing worked out in detail."

Dusan S. Maksimovic, Politika ekspres, March 21 1998


"Virtuoso power, the richness of touch, the precision of nuancing, the emotional spectrum, technical perfection, and as the overall impression: a memorable event! All this has been woven into the performance of the pianist Dejan Sinadinovic... his high reputation is best confirmed by the presence of many of our artists and students who live in Paris, who instead of going to Pogorelic's concert (in the Gaveau Hall, within the series "Grand Recitals") came to greet the Belgrade artist? Sinadinovic played with volcano energy and poetical passion, turning the piano into an orchestra? Chopin, Franck, Liszt were his choice, and their beauty intermingled with the entire audience (among whom we recognized pianist and conductor Valeri Afanasev, actress Dara Calenic, art historian Irina Subotic, painter Bata Mihajlovic and many others). Paris will remember Dejan."

O. Djokovic, Vesti, April 11 1998


"Nevertheless, the central figure of the show was pianist Dejan Sinadinovic, who had already been known for his ability to perform miracles on the piano. Now we know that he can also coordinate, authoritatively and impeccably, a team of excellent players, to inspire them with his musical imagination and to guide them with his firm will to a perfect harmony."

Milena Miloradovic, NIN, September 2000


"… Dejan Sinadinovic invoked with his art in which the undreamt- of power of the impressionistic gamut of colors was juxtaposed to the expressionistically charged dissonances, in virtuoso and brilliant pieces, in well vaulted and conceived endings of sections and movements, in the slow dying out of sound, or eruptive surges of whirling force. If we had known him as a pianist of violent temperament and masculine touch, to this we could add, having listened to his Ravel, the perfect balance of diving into the keys right to the vanishing depths, with his supple, completely pliable hand, with his arm, shoulder, the entire body, the entire being? There was a great deal to be learned, how to play Brahms, to start with: to weave the polyphonic web of lines with a complete mastery of numerous and by no means slight technical demands, to constantly "draw out" the melody with the softest possible contact with the keys, and diving into them with full concentration, gently and deeply. This is how we read the pianist’s message…

Dr. Branka Radovic, Bulletin of the First Isidor Bajic Memorial

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