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Godowsky's "Renaissance" is a suite of transcriptions and free arrangements of harpischord pieces (mainly) by Italian and French baroque composers. This set was first published between 1906 and 1909 in Berlin. It is divided in four books (six pieces each), two books are unfinished.

Some of these pieces used to be in the repertoire of famous pianists like Barere, Gilels, and Wild. Tastes change and for a few decades nobody played them. Today we have at least two complete recordings of this set (by Scherbakov and Carlo Grante), and generally speaking the younger generation seem more interested in this kind of literature than in the past.

1After Rameau's Sarabande in E 3:22Bertazzi, A.
8After Corelli's Pastorale 4:58Bertazzi, A.
11Capriccio after Dandrieu's Le Caquet 3:06Bertazzi, A.