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Chris Rohrs

Christopher Rohrs (1986) began piano lessons at the age of 3 with Suzuki theory driving his instruction. When he graduated from high school, he decided he wanted to learn on his own time and quit official lessons. Music eventually grew too complex and he knew he needed someone to teach techniques unknown to him in order to progress. At the same time, Chris was introduced to the organ by the Music Associate at his home church in Santa Ana. As this was a very different instrument than the piano, Chris began seeking lessons for both piano and organ. From the benefit of an organ scholarship program provided by his church, Chris has been learning what he considers “real” music since the summer of 2007. His primary focus is now organ and hopes to incorporate his music skills in what he does in the future.

As a student of Cal State Long Beach, Chris is finishing up the Liberal Studies program with the ultimate goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. With his twin passions of education and music, there is no doubt that the two will only serve to enhance each other as time goes on. Chris currently studies under Lynnette McGee and is continually learning new ways of handling music with each lesson.


Liszt - Transcendental Etudes 
Mendelssohn - Organ Sonatas 
Rachmaninov - Etudes-Tableaux