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Serenade of Farewell

In the words of the composer:

This is my 'Serenade of Fare-Well'. I wrote it in 1991, fairly long ago. I might as well have called it Sonata for two pianos, but I rejected that title, because it didn't mean anything to me.
It is written in a late romantic style, I emphasized a particular use of harmony, which to my mind reveals something like saying good-bye, especially in the third part of the first movement yet also in the two other movements. I am 79 now, and it was only now that I found the title of the composition. In 1991 it was just a serenade. I cannot really improve my pianistic qualities any more. So, if I will not record any other pieces in Piano Society, being aware of the limited qualities of my piano playing I might say good bye to Piano Society with this composition, but not without saying THANK YOU for for these wonderful opportunities you offered to me during my membership. 'Serenade of Fare-Well' also has a connection to my life. I recorded this piece together with Andreas who will also do the cutting etc. Thank you, Andreas for your great help. With all good wishes, Francois.

Complete recording by
Franz-Josef Streuff and Andreas Pfaul

Streuff - Serenade of Farewell for two pianos (1991)
Recorded in 2009
1Poco Allegretto09:13