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Jim Cameron

Jim was born in Salisbury, UK.  He showed no great musical aptitude until the age of about eight when his parents bought a second-hand upright piano, and he began to amuse himself by improvising "tunes" on it. The family was then forced to send him to piano lessons in self-defence. He kept up piano studies throughout school, getting his Grade 8 (ABRSM) before leaving for university.

As an impoverished student working towards a non-music-related degree, paying for both piano lessons and beer would have been too much of a strain on the budget, so the piano studies lapsed for several years. Now in his mid 30s, Jim is returning to piano playing as an amateur and slowly recovering his former technique with the aid of lots of Bach and Scarlatti.

Jim works as a software developer in London and lives with his wife in HG Wells' home town of Woking. They both sing with the London Concert Choir.

Jim is a keen participant in National Novel Writing Month every November and hopes some day to finish one of the several half-drafts of novels he has lying about on his hard disc. He also enjoys gardening, computer games and writing about himself in the third person.
Bach - Inventions 
Byrd - My Ladye Nevells Booke 
HIndemith - Ludus Tonalis 
Scarlatti - Sonatas