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Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767)

Georg Philipp Telemann, German baroque composer and instrumantalist, was born in Magdeburg on March 14, 1681. He studied law at the University of Leipzig, but was self-taught in music. A contemporary if Bach, Vivaldi and Haendel (and a life-long friend of the latter), he is often described as the most prolific composer in history. While Bach is nowadays considered the greater composer, Telemann was in his time more widely renowned for his musical abilities.

Telemann traveled widely, absorbing various musical styles and incorporating them into his own compositions. He is known for writing concertos for unusual combinations of instruments, such as multiple violas, trumpets, oboes, or harpsichords. He held a series of important musical positions, culminating in that of music director of the five largest churches in Hamburg, from 1720 until his death in 1767.


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