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Piano Pieces

Liadov wrote a great number of small sets of character pieces, mostly Mazurkas, Preludes and Waltzes. While obviously indebted to Chopin, as were many Russian composers of the time, Liadov nevertheless has his own voice. These charming miniatures have an unmistakenly Russian flavor, in turn lyrical and rumbustious, and are particularly well-crafted for the piano.

His piano output represents one of the finest bodies of Russian piano music of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and deserves wider recognition.

Op. 9  - Two Pieces (1884)

Op.10  - Three Pieces (1885)

Op.11 - Three Pieces (1886)

Op.15 - Two Mazurkas (1887)

1 Mazurka in A major1:14Breemer, C.
2 Mazurka in D minor1:11Breemer, C.

Op.17 - Two Bagatelles (1887)

1 Suffering2:14Breemer, C.
2 Pastorale1:44Breemer, C.

Op.21 - Ballade "From bygone days" (1889)

Ballade "From bygone days"5:00Breemer, C.

Op.24 - Two Pieces (1890)
Dedication: A. Sergeeva

Op.31 - Two Pieces (1893)

1Mazurka Rustique4:26Breemer, C.
2Prelude in B-flat minor2:03Breemer, C.
2Prelude in B-flat minor1:32April, D.

Op.33 - Three Pieces (1889)
Dedication: Nicolas Abramitschew

Op.36 - Three Preludes (1895)
Dedication: Alexandra Markoff

Op.38 - Mazurka (1895)
Dedication: Alexandra Markoff

Op.39 - Four Preludes (1895)
Dedication: Felix Blumenfeld

Op.40 - Etude and 3 Preludes (1897)

Op.57 - Three Pieces (1900/05)