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Mark Budd

Born in 1960, in East Yorkshire, England, Mark was always attracted to classical music as a child and, apart from a few informal lessons with the primary school headmaster, Mark taught himself the piano until the age of 17 when, he felt the need to take things a little more seriously. He sought formal tuition with John Pearson of Beverley. who gave his technique a more solid foundation and expanded his knowledge of the repertoire. Mark also started playing the organ and accompanied a number of services at the local church.

A career in music was never a serious consideration at that stage, so other subjects took precedence and Mark studied engineering at University. Whilst there, he was taught piano by Michael Almond, who had studied at the old Manchester College of Music with Claude Biggs (teacher of John Ogdon). Here, Mark performed in a number of concerts and also passed a performer's diploma at the Trinity College of Music in London (LTCL).

Formal study at music college was suggested and considered but after due consideration and consulation it was clear that it was too late to be a solo performer and life as an accompanist didn't appeal. However, some benefits of the process were some lessons with Sulamita Aronovsky which were invaluable in developing the means of expression.

After a few brief flirtations of performing in public, Mark is content with playing and practising the piano (and, more recently, a revived interest in the organ) for himself and a few friends, and pursuing a career in the field of telecommunications.


Beethoven - Sonatas 
Brahms - Klavierstücke 
Bridge - Three Sketches 
Chopin - Waltzes 
Debussy - Images 
Griffes - Roman Sketches 
Ireland - April 
Prokofiev - 10 Pieces, Op. 75 
Rachmaninov - Etudes Tableaux