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George Vosgerichian

Dr. George Vosgerichian began his piano studies in 1980 at the age of 11. He also started to learn the violin around the same time, but his proclivity was always toward the piano. Early on, he loved to improvise and compose music. He won First Prize for Massachusetts in the International Reflections Music Competition in 1983, and in 1984 he received National-Level standing in the same competition for his String Quintet in C Minor, based on Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream.” He was 16 when he placed third in the A.R.A. National Piano Competition. Over the years, he has given several public performances for various charities.

His love of the sciences led him to a degree in Chemistry at Boston University. In 1995, he received his D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he also served on the faculty for 7 years in the Department of Restorative Dentistry. He is also a member of several professional organizations. Dr. Vosgerichian currently practices General and Esthetic Dentistry in the Boston area. He balances a busy dental practice with his passion for landscape photography, sailing, Cape Cod, and traveling to places rich in history. At 39, he continues to play, improvise, and learn new repertoire, as music will forever be an inseparable friend.


Cervantes - Danzas Cubana 
Chopin - Waltzes 
Granados - 2 Marchas Militares 
Lecuona - Zambra Gitana 
Schubert -Dances