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In Their Own Words


The Piano Society is an international Internet-based non-profit organization. Both amateur and professional pianists can join and submit recordings which, if accepted, are made freely available on a website for anyone to hear. A number of members were approached by the editors to provide profiles for this book, and the result is a wonderfully diverse range of contributions from pianists from around the world.

- By Raymond Smullyan and Peter Bispham

Book reviews

"The volume 'In Their Own Words' presents a fascinating compendium of the
world of the piano. The Piano Society is an important member of the musical

- David Dubal
Internationally-known pianist, professor at the Juilliard School, painter,
broadcaster and well known author of many books on music and musicians.

"This is an interesting book, in which a number of pianists, professionals
or amateurs, tell of their work, their tastes, their life. It brings a fresh
glance at a profession considered as superhuman."

- Thérèse Dussaut
Pianist and Emeritus Professor of the Piano Department
at the Conservatoire Toulouse and jury member of many international
competitions including the Tchaikovsky in Moscow.

"I think your book is very interesting and an important contribution."

- Al Goldstein
Founder of Pandora Records.

"This is a fascinating and skilfully-produced book of profiles of pianists -
both amateurs and professionals - of the Piano Society, who charmingly tell
about their lives and views on music and other arts. A must for those
interested in the daily lives of practicing musicians."

- Lisa Kovalik
Pianist and professor at the Juilliard School.

"For this important book, it is most rewarding for me to learn about the
efforts and accomplishments of the Piano Society whose members, in a world
where most entertainment and pastime is spent in front of a screen or
plugged to earphones, devote a great deal of their time playing and
practising the piano with its immense literature.
Such spiritual, mental, and physical pleasure cannot be obtained any other

- Lionel Party
Harpsichordist and professor at the Juilliard School, and recording artist
for Musical Heritage Society, Smithsonian, Orion Records and many other
You can find his latest CD on CDBaby at the following link: Music of François Couperin

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