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Anne Riegler

Anne Riegler was born in 1990 in Germany.  She encountered classical music and instruments at an early age, as both her parents are musicians.

At the age of four, Anne was finally allowed to start singing in her parent’s choir and sang many concerts and musicals, also as a soloist.  She later took singing lessons, participates still today in modern and classical choirs, and is convinced that singing is essential for understanding and interpreting music.

Anne began to play the piano when she was five years old. From age five to eleven, she had private teachers, and until the age of 18 she was a pupil at the regional music school.   Since the beginning of 2008 she studies with a professor from a musical university.  After her graduation in May 2009, she is going to study the piano.

When Anne was 17 she started playing the cello as well, and this was also the year when she gave her first solo concert at the piano.

At the moment, her favorite composers are Mozart, Chopin, Ravel and Prokofiev.


Bach - Well-Tempered Clavier 
Brahms - Klavierstucke 
Chopin - Etudes 
Chopin - Impromptus 
Mozart - Sonatas 
Prokofiev - Sonatas 
Rachmaninov - Etudes -Tableaux 
Rachmaninov - Preludes 
Schütz - Piano Pieces 
Tcherepnin - Bagatelles