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Carmelo Mantione

Born in Palermo in 1980, Carmelo Mantione began to play the piano when he was eight. He graduated at the age of 21 with full marks, honors, and special mention, studying as a private student with V. Balzani (teacher of the Milano Conservatory). After Diploma he started postgraduate studies and laureate at the “A. Peri” Conservatory of Reggio Emilia with the best marks and full honors, studying with Ennio Pastorino and An Li Pang (pupils of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli). At the same time he attended the musicological studies at the Palermo University and graduated in 2007 with the best marks and “lode”.

In 2003-2004 he improved his piano studies at the “Accademia Chigiana” of Siena under the leadership of J. Achucarro and getting the “Diploma di merito”. Moreover he participated in masterclasses with F. Scala and P. Lachert.   In 2005 he studied at the Music Academy of Bidgoszcz, with J. Godziszewski and W. Ronowska, performing concerts in Poland. Currently he is improving his piano studies with B. Canino at the Unda Maris Accademy, in Palermo.

Carmelo Mantione obtained some prizes in piano competitions: the “Scriabin Award” and the “Best Italian Pianist Award” at the “Ibla Grand Prize” organized by the Ibla Foundation of New York; first prizes at the national competitions of Bari, Palermo, Trapani, Catania, Messina and second prize in Arezzo.

With a repertoire that ranges from Bach to Messiaen and Ligeti, he performed concerts for many organizations in numerous cities: Bydgoszcz, Szafarnia (F. Chopin’s house), Lubostron (Poland); Schwerin (festival “Verfemte Musik”, Germany); Moncalieri (for the celebrations ten years after the death of A. Benedetti Michelangeli), Milano, Siena (in the Accademia Chigiana), Taranto, Firenze, Macerata, Agrigento (for the “Museo Pirandelliano”), Catania (Museo Diocesano), Reggio Emilia, Ragusa. He obtained some positive press reviews from the music critic G. P. Minardi in the “Gazzetta di parma”.

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