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Dimiter Terziev

Dimiter Terziev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he graduated from the National Academy of Music in 1992. In 1995, after three years of full-time teaching in Bulgaria, Dimiter moved to Canada. In the following years he earned a graduate diploma from Concordia University in Montreal and a Master's from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Throughout his studies, he had the opportunity of working with a number of distinguished piano teachers such as Antoaneta Arsova, Milena Mollova, Nikolai Evrov, Anna Szpilberg, and Dr. Stephane Lemelin.

Dimiter has given numerous piano and chamber recitals in Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Germany, and the Netherlands; he has also performed with several Bulgarian orchestras and the Kamloops Symphony. Awarded third prize at the Chopin National Competition in Bulgaria in 1989, he has made several recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television.

Dimiter has also released three CDs: Colours of Bulgaria: Piano Pieces by Pantcho Vladigerov, awarded Four Stars both by the CBC's Sound Advice and La scena musicale magazine, Nocturnal World - an anthology of nocturnes by various composers, and The Beginning and End of Classicism - a history of Classicism in music from J.C. Bach to the late Beethoven. He has also contributed several articles to Bulgarian and Canadian music magazines.


Dimiter is a devoted piano teacher working in Kamloops and Vernon. He is also an authorized piano dealer representing Blüthner, Bohemia, Nordiska and other European and Asian piano brands.


Aside from music, he enjoys hiking, reading and watching movies. 

"Master of stirring mystery of sound ... His playing constantly moved between poetry and passion."

(Badische Zeitung, Germany)

"He is a musician of deeply reasoned convictions, who already has a well-defined understanding of his own artistic voice. He is a musician who thinks at the piano and who has the gift of communicating his artistic vision in an engaging manner."

(Dr. Stephane Lemelin, Canada)

Dimiter Terziev's CDs are available for sale or download at
Chopin - Nocturnes 
Scriain - Nocturnes 
Vladigerov - Aquarelles 
Vladigerov - Novelletes 
Vladigerov - Suite of Five Pieces