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Luigi Gordon Lovisoni

Raised in a musical family with the sound of his grandfather’s Blüthner piano, Luigi Gordon Lovisoni, living in Trieste - Italy, initiated his piano studies at the “Jacopo Tomadini” Music Conservatory of Udine under the guidance of Caterina Spinotti Albonetti.

Soon fascinated by the Bartòk “Mikrokosmos” and the Bach ”Inventions” while still very young and well determined in his interpretive choices, he participated in several piano-competitions, winning the first positions as a soloist, as well as in piano duets four-hands.

At only eleven years of age, with a particular interpretation of a Bach prelude, he won, as a soloist, the first national prize at the “Coppa Pianisti d’Italia”, Osimo.

He has also studied harpsichord and performed in various chamber music groups.

As a soloist, he also studied in London with Alexander Kelly of the Royal Academy of Music.

Since successfully obtaining his music-teacher diploma at the Udine Conservatory of Music, he has been teaching and performing in Italy and abroad.

He has recorded for the RAI (National Italian Broadcasting) and other networks, and as a harpsichordist on a contemporary music CD, winner of the 1987 edition of the “Premio Friuli”.

Always fascinated by the sonatas of Haydn and Mozart, by the baroque compositions of Scarlatti and by several contemporary composers like Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and Friedrich Gulda, Luigi Gordon Lovisoni loves to present himself to the public through elegant, unusual and fine repertoires.

Luigi Gordon Lovisoni
Trieste, ITALIA
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