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Alison Hasselquist
Alison Hasselquist has played the piano since she was about five. Her lessons started from her mother Janine Hasselquist who had taught herself. Once Alison reached a certain level of playing, her mother decided to send her to another teacher which ended up to be Rosetta McFarland. After that several teachers entered into her life. Mrs. Sara Oberle and the late Mrs. Tascille King.
Upon arriving college, her teacher changed yet again. Dr. Cynthia Hukill became Alison's student advisory and piano teacher. While in college, Alison completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in music at Missouri Southern State University.

She has held the position of accompanist at several events, including solo and ensemble work. She has accompanied the Joplin Memorial Middle School choir as a paid accompanist and other choirs as a volunteer accompanist. She has also currently enjoyed accompanying for the Suzuki Violin Academy at Missouri Southern State University.

Schumann, C.