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Cançons i dansas

Composed between the years 1921 and 1962, these Songs and Dances are among Mompou’s most charming and important works. The harmonies appear simple and natural, yet at the same time original and highly sophisticated - chords are often colored by adding sweet and sonorous dissonances. All of the Cançons i dansas follow a slow-fast format.

Mompou - Cançons i dansas (Cancións y Danzas)

Complete recording by Monica Alianello

Written between 1921 and 1962

1(Populars) Moderato - Allegro non troppo
2Lentement - Molto amable 3:16
3Modéré - Sardana (Temps de marche) A Frank Marshall 4:32
4Moderato - Paseo (Promenade) - Vivo  a Madame la Princesse Bassiano 4:35
5Lento liturgico - Ritmado 4:25
6Cantábile, espressivo - Ritmado 4:22
7Lento - Danza 3:23
8Moderato cantábile con sentimento - Danza 3:52
9Cantabile espressivo - Allegro  à Gonzalo SORIANO 4:50
10Larghetto molto cantabile - Amabile Sobre dos Cantigas del Rey Alfonso X (Siglo XII)
à S.A.R. la Infanta Dª Maria Cristina de BORBÓN BATTENBERG
11Lent et majestueux - Grazioso  à Rafael PUYANA 4:01
12Molto cantabile -Danza
Moderato cantabile - Allegro