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Characteristic Pieces

Ketèlbey's numerous character pieces have been hugely popular throughout the years. This is lightweight and unpretentious music, full of good and memorable tunes. Many of these have been orchestrated or adapted to various instruments and ensembles. The items presented here are the most famous of his compositions.

Bells across the Meadows (Characteristic Intermezzo) 3:54Breemer, C.
In a Monastery Garden (Characteristic Intermezzo) 5:47Breemer, C.
In a Persian Market (Intermezzo-Scene) 7:05Breemer, C.
In the Mystic Land of Egypt 6:42Breemer, C.
Sanctuary of the Heart (Méditation religieuse) 5:07Breemer, C.
Victory Bells (Intermezzo) 2:54Breemer, C.