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Stewart Kautsch

Stewart was born in Ohio and currently lives in a small New Jersey town just outside New York. He studied piano with a number of teachers in his youth, most notably Margaret Baxtresser in Akron, Ohio. A short music career ensued, mostly in musical theatre, the greatest result of which was his marriage to singer Susan Gempler. Having achieved his goal of finding a spouse, he employed his math education to get into software development. This has been a good career for him for 20 years, having made it possible to him to get a decent piano, among other things.

An avid amateur, Stu plays daily and performs occasionally. Other hobbies include gardening, hiking, beer brewing and cooking.

Chopin - Nocturnes 
Chopin - Prelude Op. 45 
Clementi - Sonatas 
Brahms - Klavierstücke 
Haydn - Sonatas 
Palmgren - Kevät Mai 
Rachmaninov - Etudes-Tableaux 
Scarlatti - Sonatas 
Strauss - Stimmungsbilder 
Tchaikovsky = -Eighteen Pieces Op.72