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Moon Suite

The Moon Suite found its inspiration in the beautiful landscape of Rejviz near Zlate Hory (Gold Mountains ) in Czech Republic, where Lejsek owns a summer residence and where he composed this suite. The first movement is inspired by one of the Czech Republic's nature miracles - Moss Lake. It has an improvised and somewhat impressionistic character. The second movement is inspired by the summer atmosphere around a little spring called Opa, when the moon is higher in the sky. The Full Moon depicts a late autumn's night, when the moon seems to float close above the mountains and the ruins of the old castle Kobrstejn. The last movement part is an affectionate nod towards Mozart, imitating the Mozartian style and containing a short quotation of the famous "Alla Turca". The composer stated that his inspiration came from an old
fairy-tale about "David with harp on the moon". In keeping with the rest of the suite, it closes in a mysterious atmosphere.

The composer recommends that whoever is interested in this music should visit the Gold Mountains to experience the romantic atmosphere.

Complete recording by Richard Pohl

The Moon above the Lake
The Moon and the Mountain Stream1:58
The full Moon
Mozart on the Moon3:41