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Marcelo Gˇes Alves da Silva

My name is Marcelo Gˇes Alves da Silva and I was born in Salvador, capital city of Bahia, one of the states in northeastern Brazil. I started studying classical guitar at age of 7 in one of the most traditional private music schools in my hometown. At age of 9 I switched to the Piano and started taking lessons in the extension program of Federal University of Brazil in Bahia (UFBa). At age 17, having finished middle school I went to pursue medical school. During college, I played professionaly as an accompanist and soloist in weddings, graduations and social events, as well as in a couple of restaurants and cafÚs.

Since graduation from medical school, having decided to pursue a career in medicine, I have played only privately but have never stopped practicing completely. I am interested in the Baroque period, Chopin, Beethoven and Brazilian composers such as Villa-Lobos and Ernesto Nazareth.

Not being able to dedicate my self full-time to music, I know that progress tends to be very slow but I am always open to criticism, for that is the only way to evolve. Therefore feel free to comment on any of my recordings you listen to here.

Bach - Inventions 
Bach - Notebook for Anna Magdalena 
Beethoven - Sonatas 
C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggietto 
Czerny - The school of velocity 
Joplin - Rags 
Nazaret - Tangos and Waltzes 
Schubert - Moments Musicaux 
Villa-Lobos - Carnaval das crianšas brasilieras 
Villa-Lobos - Guia Pratico