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Andy Lee

Dr. R. Andrew Lee, Artist-in-Residence and coordinator of the piano department at Avila University, is an avid performer of minimalist and postminimalist piano music.  As such, he is actively involved in both the performance and research of these genres, most recently having presented at the Second International Conference on Minimalist Music.  He is also a recording artist for the Irritable Hedgehog label.

Dr. Lee's performances have been lauded by both those intimately familiar with the works and newcomers to the genres, and his lecture-recitals have been well-received across the country, helping to encourage younger students to explore recent trends in composition.  He particularly enjoys working with living composers such as Tom Johnson, David Borden, and Paul Epstein among many others, and only regrets not having enough hours of the day to practice all the music he receives.

Lee received his D.M.A. in Piano Performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, where he studied under the direction of John McIntyre.  His dissertation concerns the effect that minimalist and postminimalist works have on the perception of time.  He has also earned a masters in piano performance from UMKC and a bachelors in piano performance from Truman State University, where he studied under Dr. David McKamie.  Other former teachers include Dr. Jane Solose and Dr. Patrice Ewoldt.

While not working, writing or practicing, Dr. Lee enjoys spending time with his wife, herself a violinist, and his young daughter.  He also enjoys a variety of computer-related activities, such as blogging, web design, and keeping up on the latest Apple rumors.  He also thinks more minimalists would enjoy long distance running if they gave it a chance.

Borden - Double Portrait 
Duckworth - Time Curve Preludes 
Mozart - Sonatas 
Schoenberg - Six Little Piano Pieces